Medical Resident

Albert was a 4th year Research Fellow and UCSF medical student interested in dermatology and machine learning in medicine. In the Keiser Lab he pursued a Yearlong Research Fellowship with co-mentor Dr. Maria Wei in the Department of Dermatology, with an emphasis on the automated diagnosis of skin lesions from digital images using deep learning. He is from Fullerton, California and enjoys playing tennis and hiking in his free time.

Lab papers

  1. Stress testing reveals gaps in clinic readiness of image-based diagnostic artificial intelligence models.

    Young AT, Fernandez K, Pfau J, Reddy R, Cao NA, von Franque MY, Johal A, Wu BV, Wu RR, Chen JY, Fadadu RP, Vasquez JA, Tam A, Keiser MJ, Wei ML. NPJ Digit Med. 2021 Jan 21.

  2. Artificial Intelligence in Dermatology- A Primer.

    Young AT, Xiong M, Pfau J, Keiser MJ, Wei ML. J Invest Dermatol. 2020 Aug.

  3. Robust Semantic Interpretability- Revisiting Concept Activation Vectors.

    Pfau J, Young AT, Wei J, Wei ML, Keiser MJ. arXiv - ICML - WHI. 2020 Jul 17.

  4. Global Saliency- Aggregating Saliency Maps to Assess Dataset Artefact Bias.

    Pfau J, Young AT, Wei ML, Keiser MJ. arXiv - NeurIPS ML4H. 2019 Oct 16.